Partnerschaft !


Empfehlen Sie  Esterel Caravaning Ihren Freunden und Bekannten und Sie profitieren Sie von unserem exklusiv Angebot :

Ihr Partnerschaftsangebot (für wohnwagen und wohnmobile)

– 50 € Preisminderung für Sie

– 50 € Preisminderung für Ihre Freunde

ACHTUNG ! Diese Spezialangebote sind nicht kombinierbar.

Offer parrainage

This will be the most magical night ever, right here, at Esterel Caravaning!

See you on Monday, July 20th, for our 2nd white night of the season:
Complete with violinists walking on water, a melodious voice that resonates through the starry night, a dancer who twirls through the air ...
For the past four years, Esterel Caravaning’s white nights have become the pinnacle of our guests' summer holidays.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Monday August 3rd and Monday August 17th!
Dress code: WHITE outfits for everyone, this show is strictly reserved for campsite guests.

Book online to enjoy your stay here at Esterel Caravaning now!
Outside visitors can enjoy the show from the comfort of our restaurant "Les Suds", which has recently been awarded the title of "Maître Restaurateur", all whilst enjoying a sumptuous one-off special menu.